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Waiting for those precious orders?

Date: 06/21/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

My long career in marketing consulting is infested with examples of small business owners not being able to ‘close’ the sale. Typical excuses are “my brother is not in town, he will only make the decisionâ€?, “our board hasn’t been able to take a close look at your proposalâ€? and many others. Result is same – procrastination. It took hours or days to prepare a proposal and then as if it was never needed by the client.
Now there can’t be a definite solution to this problem, but it can be managed under some circumstances. Best possible way to prepone decision making is to start offering something special or free before the full purchase. Remember that example of vacuum cleaner. Demonstration of one machine on a Sunday bright morning did the whole trick. Who would otherwise have bothered to visit the shop and purchase the cleaner? This is a super example of preponing the decision. You can think of instances applicable to your business and offer those free for a limited period so as to make people take decision.

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