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New technology adoptability

Date: 06/23/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Small business owners always face one major dilemma, that of employing new technology into the business. As recent till 90’s, business owners had a tough time choosing computers for running their businesses. There were more discussions about the limitations from using the computers than getting the most from them. 

Resorting to new technology is always a difficult given couple of factors – cost (set up and recurring), change in life style (including that at work place) and learning curve. While the first factor is quite objective, clearly defining the monetary aspect involved, other two do not carry the same objectivity. It is rather difficult to exactly compute the costs involved in life style change and learning the new technology. And these two at times prove to be costlier than the first factor. In some cases, learning the new things take longer time than the cost of installation. Small business owners must carefully understand impact of these two factors on the overall new technology adoptability. One should chart out appropriate course of action for tackling these two issues in advance. For example, a small business owner can contemplate of motivational and technical training for his employees.

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