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Whose Got Your Back?

Date: 06/23/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

According to a recent study by the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, the congressional delegations from Idaho and Oklahoma support small businesses more than those from other states. Rankings were based on congressonal members who consistently voted on issues that support entrepreneurs and the small business community.

The findings of the study show that many Midwest congressional members support small-business initiatives on a regular basis. The top 10 supporters are:Idaho(95.7), Oklahoma (95.7), Alaska (94.3), Wyoming (94.3), Utah (92.4), Kentucky (92.1), Alabama (91.0), Nebraska (90.6), Kansas (88.6), and New Hampshire (87.0).

The Northeast, with some exceptions, aren’t necessarily as supportive. They regularly vote against policy which supports small businesses. At the bottom are: Washington (42.8), New Jersey (41.6), Connecticut (41.2), New York (38.9), Maryland (35.2), North Dakota (33.8), Maine (30.9), Hawaii (24.1), Rhode Island (18.1), Vermont (15.7), and Massachusetts (12.2).