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Vision, mission, goals.

Date: 06/25/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Confusing title and words? Seems straight from leading business school MBA classes? You may be right, and wrong too. Goals are understandable, but are vision and mission really important for small business? I must say yes to this question counting my own MBA and a long & successful career in consulting. I have known many business owners succeeding in their businesses to have one common trait – they are visionary. Those failing had either or both of these common things – lack of vision and failure of implementation. 

Goals are short-term aims (targets are shortest term aims) derived from your mission. Mission is something that CAN’T be accomplished on a short term – for example, business mission can be to remain top manufacturer of electric appliances. This is something, which cannot be taken for granted all the time. One has to keep on striving hard to remain top manufacturer. That’s why I said mission can’t be accomplished. But goals can be, and are accomplished. To continue the same example, to get number one position in the year 2007 in electric appliances market, is something achievable. Goals are reset each year or term. Mission is defined only once. Mission will always remain with you all the time. Goals will change every now and then. 

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