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Does customer really evaluate?

Date: 06/28/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

We have often seen that there goes lot of thought and evaluation before buying a product. Many a time, even we have been involved in this process. On the other hand, there are situations when we didn’t (consciously) go through this process, and still bought a product. Scientists and researchers offer rock solid explanation for this – buying behavior can be segregated into two. One, called rational buying behavior, and two, often called impulsive buying behavior. Rational buying behavior involves lot of thought processes, consultations and discussions. Impulsive buying behavior purchase doesn’t need more than 10 seconds. While all the ‘capital’ items have rational buying behavior to back up, non-capital products have a mix of two. Consider this – you are going to furniture shop, spend lot of time and deliberate for hours together to finalize on a bed unit costing $1,500. And then you have a look at children’s bunk bed or some maple bed costing about $700. I am sure, the time taken to buy children’s furniture is on a lower side (not because it is of lower price). First one is rational while second one is impulsive. There is something that goes in the mind that motivates (or pushes?) us to purchase something which was not planned in the first place.

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