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How to benefit from impulsive purchase behavior?

Date: 06/28/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

As a small business owner, if you are into industrial products, then this may not be really for you. Industrial products are highly rationalized lot, and usually (I’d say, 99.99%) not purchased through impulse. However, this type of purchase behavior is highly useful to small (even large) businesses. Have you even seen people in a card or gift shop? They end up buying something they had never come in for. 

Some researchers have suggested ways to improve on sales through impulsive purchases. Layout of the shop is the major factor playing a vital role in creating the impulse. Ensure that the visitor is moving thought the whole shop, and “can’tâ€? find his way out immediately after entry. Second point to hit home is about the ambience. You may have noticed that some shops have some kind of attraction that the visitors don’t feel like moving out, even if they have made a purchase. Try to create such an atmosphere in the shop. It should be very pleasing. Third area of attention should be non-interfering kind of attitude. Let the visitors have their own time to look at each of your products on display. However, be ready to help them any time of assistance is needed. Last but not the least, keep all the products within easy reach of the customers. 

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