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What are you selling?

Date: 06/29/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Anita had gone to a shop for purchasing some deodorants and ended up purchasing some perfumes as well. Why did this happen? The small business owner running this shop was clever enough. He could convert a non-sale into a sale. He successfully used the major weakness of the human being – letting her feel important. 

Remember, you don’t sell products. You sell the benefits. In legendary marketing consultant Phillip Kotler’s words, “you don’t sell lipsticks, you sell hopeâ€?. That’s absolutely true. A female doesn’t apply lipstick for the sake of applying it. She applies it to make her attractive to others. You don’t wear ties for wearing them, you put them on for impressing others. 

Try to look at these benefits accruing from your products, and then push these benefits. If you push the product, you will often be seen as selfish shopkeeper who is more interested in making profits, and not bothered about the customers. Remember, the car driven by you is not an assembly of parts & accessories, but a mode of transport and display case of your status.