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Using hover ads

Date: 06/04/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Media had all been for advertising your products. Internet only added to the clutter already existing basket of different media. Advertising through various media is all about optimum use of your hard earned money and getting maximum benefits. 

There was a time when small business owners could place their ads on banners. The banners have almost vanished form the ad space. Then came the era of pop ups. Pop ups are excellent ways of informing your prospects about your products. Pop ups appear when a visitor comes to your website searching for information or products. 

Pop ups are also deployed in their destructive form by webmasters. Pop ups became the villains for website visitors very soon. Many engines started creating tool bars which would block the pop ups. This killed an excellent opportunity for the genuine webmasters who simply wanted to furnish more information to the visitors. Later day avatar of pop up ad is hover ads. Blocking tools cannot block hover ads. Hover ads offer an excellent opportunity to the visitor – he can look at them by his choice, and there is no need to close the ads. Hover ads can act as good media of advertising for small business websites.

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