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Advertising basics

Date: 07/11/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Once a legendary advertising expert had this to comment – I know half of my advertising money goes waste, but I don’t know which half? Here lie the beautiful and disastrous aspects of advertising. Advertising is beautiful as long as it is effective, especially for small businesses. Beautiful advertisement without effectiveness is not really a beautiful advertisement. 

Selection of media for advertising of your products or company is an extremely important factor. Your advertising campaign has been perfectly created, but can go for a six if not going through the right media. Media plays such an important role that there are exclusive experts called media planners. Their primary task is to do media planning – selecting the ‘best’ media given optimum budget. Media had been traditionally been offering newspaper, magazines, hoardings, radio and television. The world has change very fast in the last decade or so. Many new avenues have been created to attract target market’s attention.

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