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Understanding buying roles

Date: 07/11/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

When you are promoting your small business through communication or promotion, it is essential to understand the characteristics of your target audience. Target audience means the set of people who are initiators or buyers or users or decision makers or influencers in the purchase process. The small business owner has to have clear understanding of the role played by each of these and knows the exact ‘target’. For example, if you are selling diapers, the young mother will be the decision initiator, decision maker and in most cases the buyer as well. On the other hand, furniture buying involves all the family members with the children often being the initiators for their furniture needs, and fathers may end up being the financers. 

Small business owner should know the importance of each of these roles and accordingly create the communication. For example, it may not help to target influencers when they have limited role in the buying decision process.

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