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Where is ‘she’ in your marketing plan?

Date: 07/17/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Marketing is all about correctly identifying the need set of your target customers and delivering the products fulfilling that set of needs and wants to offer satisfaction or delight. 

Two important lessons are hidden here – one, assessment of needs and two, defining your target customers. While both of these are almost correctly defined, the problem arises during the implementation phase. How many of small business owners give due importance to women, especially when they are in the business of selling electronic gadgets? The response to this may not be very encouraging. Latest surveys indicate that 92% of the time females are involved in pre purchase decision process for electronic gadgets. This provides some interesting food for thought. How many times a sales person would respond positively to a female looking to buy some electronic gadget? Chances are certainly on a lower side compared to when encountering a male customer. Let this be realized all the time – times have changed, the female has arrived on the scene fully and firmly. She is no longer restricted to cosmetics or home furnishing stuff. Give it some thought, and you may have hit some gold mine here. Train your team accordingly so that female customers are not differentiated from their male counterparts. If you don’t differentiate, results will be reflected in increased number of cash register rings.

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