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What is FAB?

Date: 07/18/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

FAB term evolved in sales domain. FAB in its expanded form stands for features, advantages and benefits. FAB concept applies well to small business owners. This is used for any kind of communication with the prospects or customers during advertising, sales pitch or presentation. 

Let’s take an example. One of mobile phone instruments sold by you has this feature – screen shell contains strong silica variety. The advantage drawn from this feature is the unbreakability of the screen (and the instrument). This advantage of unbreakability is transformed into benefit to end user like this – even if you drop this instrument from your table on earth, you don’t need to buy another instrument in life – your permanent investment in a mobile phone instrument. 

Feature is often, technical in nature, something not easily understood by the customer. Advantage can be in plain English, but doesn’t offer any end emotional benefit to the customers. Benefit is something directly impacting the psyche of the end user. That is the probable reason we say – let’s have fresh air, and not fresh Oxygen.

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