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Executive Suites Program

Date: 07/19/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Here is an email I got this afternoon. I think this is pretty good tip. Opening Executive Suites is one of my goals. This is really good concept:

I found your blog because I’m planning on incorporating a business and found your’s. I wanted to do some research first about you because there are so many choices for incorpating companies but I like your blog and your enthusiasm for good business and ideas.  Anyways, I think the executive suites idea is great because so many people like me are starting businesses and don’t want to commute too far to offices downtown or to business parks (I’m in Sacramento). I saw this company: and I think a unique concept would be offices located in or near neighborhoods around the city. That way people could walk or ride a bike to their offices, or at the very least would have a short commute. If the offices blended in well with the homes nearby that would be great, too.  If in Las Vegas, perhaps there are commercial spaces available in some of the high-rise residential projects. 

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