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Free Webinar on Securing SBA Loans

Date: 07/19/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

The Business for Sale Online Academy will host a free webinar on how to get a small business loan on Wednesday, July 26, at 6pm Pacific Daylight Time. The one-hour webinar entitled “How to Get a Loan to Buy a Small to Mid-Sized Business” is billed as providing potential business buyers with insight on how to navigate the SBA loan application process.

The webinar will cover such topics as:

  • How to Correctly Structure Your Deal for SBA Financing
  • The Differences Between Conventional & SBA Financing for Business Purchases
  • Why Picking the Right Lender for Your Small Business Loan Is Important
  • How Lenders Value Different Businesses for Potential SBA Loans
  • What Forms, Documents, & Information You Should Have Ready
  • Why Loans Get Turned Down & What Is Needed to Get Approved
  • Why Business Sellers Should Be Involved in the Financing Process Upfront
  • Why Tax Returns Are Important & How They Are Interpreted by Lenders
  • 8 Key Bits of Information Lenders Will Be Looking for
  • The Complete SBA Loan Process — No It Doesn’t Have to Take 4 Months
  • All Lenders Are Different — Why This Is Important to Your Deal
  • SBA Lender Salespeople — Not The Best When It Comes to Business Acquisitions
  • Coming Changes to the SBA Loan Program & How It Will Affect You

Instructions for participating in the free webinar are available on the Business for Sale Online Academy webpage.

If you are looking for help in starting new small business visit or contact us at 888-284-3821.