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Don’t sell features

Date: 07/02/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Features and benefits are the two attributes associated with a product. As stated in my earlier post here, a customer doesn’t buy the product for its features. Customer buys it for the benefits offered by the product. 

Let’s look at this way. We go to an electronics shop and have a look at various television models on display. The sales person shows us many models and we end up buying one from the display / demonstration. Another customer also walks in and buys some other model. Why is there such a difference assuming there are no purchasing power disparities between the two? The sole reason is emotional benefit drawn from two different models. One may have tried to visualize emotional benefit in the form of less strain on eyes while the other may have seen status being drawn form the TV set. Both the TV sets have plasma technology, and are priced almost same. That’s why I said, you buy benefits, and not the features. For a small business owner, here is learning. If you are talking and printing features on your brochures, immediately link those to the benefits from each of the features. 

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