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Understanding culture

Date: 07/02/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Culture plays an important role in the management of an organization and understanding consumer behavior. Understanding of culture has resulted in large and small business organizations create and implement successful marketing strategies. 

Small business organization especially needs to have clearer and precise understanding of cultural factors affecting buying behavior. A small business owner must develop comprehensive knowledge of the demography and demographic changes occurring in his target segments. He should be able to differentiate the needs of one sub-cultural group from those of others. For example, a small business catering to a neighborhood with dominance of Indians will have to create product portfolio different from that catering to Hispanic group of customers. 

Culture includes many attributes including but not limited to language, eating habits, customs & traditions, social norms, etc. Thorough understanding of these attributes leads to better understanding of the consumer behavior, which is key to success.