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How can FAB and USP be used effectively?

Date: 07/20/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

FAB and USP can both be used for effective sales pitches or corporate presentations. FAB stands for features, advantages and benefits, while USP stands for unique selling proposition.

Let’s start with FAB. As a small business owner trying to sell products for the first time on the web or in person, the main features of the product should be listed. These features are often technical in nature. For example, higher RPM of an engine is a feature. Higher RPM may result in some advantages for the buyer. However, the buyer cannot be expected to ‘enjoy’ these advantages as they are. The buyer looks at these advantages to be a set of collective benefits, which are primarily emotional in nature.

Once the FAB is constructed, we can now create a USP. A USP can be created from the list of FABs only. A USP is often used in headline of the communication of the product or presentation. Using the FAB and USP together will have a much larger impact on the product or presentation as opposed to using them individually.

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