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Are your files properly managed?

Date: 07/26/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

File management existed from the time when paper files were sued. File management used to be an important skill for the admin in charge. File management remains equally important even today, albeit in computers, and not in physical sense. 

Here are few tips for managing your files properly in ‘soft’ format. Most important issues to be taken care of are – location, naming and backing up the files. 

It must be ensured that all the files are always kept at one centralized location. This centralized location could be My Doc folder on C drive. I personally prefer D drive for securing all of your documents. Reason – something going wrong with your PC, you still have a better chance of salvaging all of your small business information or data from D drive. 

Naming of your files is something to be closely considered. You may decide on client’s name as the main folder and keep all the files – excel, word, etc files into that folder pertaining to the client. Alternatively, one may think of naming the files as dates if one has voluminous filing job. 

Last but not the least, always take a back up of ALL of your files every fortnight or month.

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