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Are you following a routine?

Date: 07/28/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

A small business owner has many tasks at hand – inventory, accounting, sales, administration, finance, marketing – you name it – he has to do it. In contrast, a large organization has many people and departments performing these tasks independently. 

Such an environment of multi tasking has its own set of dangers – higher probability of overlooking details in one of the key performance areas. For example, at the time of submitting annual accounts with the authorities, tendency is to spend more time with the accountants than advertising agencies. 

Such an atmosphere may have detrimental effects on the employees and vendors. Some of the employees may develop escape routes by observing such fallacies in the system. This could best be avoided by one simple management principle – developing routine in the office. Let the people in your small business organization know the time for their interaction with you. First, they will learn time management; second – they will be free to do their own work once the interaction with you is over; third – there won’t be any escape routes available for others.

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