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What are Adsense and Adword?

Date: 07/31/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Internet had brought around major changes at the way we look at things and manage our small businesses. Advent and fast growing popularity of internet as an advertising medium had changed the rules of advertising, however principles of advertising have remained the same. 

Google is responsible for the major changes that have taken place on advertising space. Google launched two advertising avenues – Adwords and Adsense. Of these, Adsense is more for those who would like to make money through ‘click’ business. 

Adwords are of particularly more important to advertisers. You may have seen some ‘text’ ads while searching on Google. These are Adwords. These are sponsored ads from companies. Companies place ‘bids’ for their ads in this place and receive targeted traffic through targeted ‘keywords’ searching done by the prospects. For example, if you are searching an item say ‘sofa’, you will find ads from different companies into the business of sofa. The sequence of ads is very important – top most ad sponsor has paid more than the one appearing towards the end of the list. This amount is decided by the readiness of the bidder to pay for that ‘slot’. Adwords can be effective – you may spend amount equal to your budget, and not more For instance, if you have decided to not to spend more than $20,000 on your ad campaign, you may ask Google to stop showing your ad once this figure is ‘clicked’ by the visitors. 

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