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Understanding cultural barriers

Date: 07/04/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Culture often acts as a barrier to marketing efforts. Consider a large organization trying to sell its detergent brand in countries where Urdu language is spoken. Consider this hoarding – there is a model on the left hand side with dirty cloths. Then the center of the hoarding shows a bucket with the detergent. Finally he right hand side of the hoarding shows the model clad with clean cloths. Simple to create, simple to understand. Isn’t it? The answer is firm no-no. 

People speaking Urdu language have a tendency to look things from right hand side and then move the eyes leftwards. Look at the impact – clean cloths become dirty after using this detergent. Funny – yes, wild – yes, clever – absolutely no. This happens if one doesn’t understand culture and the barriers raised by culture setting. 

When selling appliances to Japanese, it is clever to use smaller handles or knobs. Even stands for holding appliances should be smaller than the usual taller American or European designs.

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