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Website – beautiful or effective?

Date: 07/06/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Not very long ago, having a website was a matter of status. You were seen outdated if you didn’t own presence on net. The principle applies even today, but with a difference. Net presence has become more important than ever it was. 

Earlier the emphasis was on creating a site that was soothing to eyes and something that could be termed ‘beautiful’. The difference is here. Today the businessmen are asking for sites that are effective, and not merely beautiful. Let’s look at this from advertising point of view – there’s a movie, which has won maximum number of nominations and awards at the Academy. There is another movie that didn’t win any award, but returned higher returns. As a small business owner, what will be your choice if you were to make a movie – that winning awards but not succeeding at the box office or the one which keeps the cash counter busy? Same applies to website design. The website should be effective in terms of visitors and the business turned in, and not simply a beautiful site. Of course, having a beautiful site in addition to being effective is like getting 100% dividend on your investments on stocks.

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