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How to create buzz for your new startup

Date: 07/07/2006 | Category: Marketing | Author: developers

Here is a new website offering service, where you can promote your website using blogs. I think this is a great idea how to create buzz and hype for new startups.

For example you got a new product or service. You just started a new company website. It is very difficult to get a word out or have other website link back to you. Payperpost is a solution to that problem. You can offer to pay bloggers for writing articles about your company or products and offer them small reward for doing that. For example you can set up campaign offering $5 for writing post about your company. 

I am testing this service both from company account promoting some of our websites and as a blogger. If you are interested about results write a comment below.

 for more information conatct who are specialist in incorportions and are helping to start new business, at 888-284-3821