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Selecting your financial software – overall cost of acquisition

Date: 07/09/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Once a small business makes a decision to purchase a software tool, especially financial software, it should consider the overall cost of acquiring the tool, and not cost of purchase alone. 

Any software tool implementation demands many costing heads namely purchase cost, training cost, added hardware purchase, downtime costs and upgrade costs. Of these, initial purchase costs may be the only one seeming to be the only costs involved. Indirect costs like downtime costs and training costs may not appear on the map. Imagine yourself or team of persons form your organization spending time on understanding the software (even if it is not a formal training). This spent time is in lieu of productive hours. This becomes allt he more evident of there is formal training on offer (even if training is for free). Alternatively your team may have problems using the tool, and they are in touch with the vendor. This time doesn’t come without costs. 

Therefore it becomes all the more important to take into account all of these costs into consideration and then only make a final decision on financial software purchase.

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