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Selection of keywords for your site – tools

Date: 08/01/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

In my last post here I had mentioned the importance of keywords and their utility for a small business owner having website. Keyword ‘consultancy’ has become a full time profession for many people across the globe. Proper keyword selection makes or breaks a website in terms of its ranking on search engines and traffic generated. 

There are many tools available on the net that help in selecting appropriate keywords for the website. Wordtracker is the leader in this pack. Wordtracker processes keyword queries from its voluminous database and reports many key parameters like search volume, KEI, expected search volume and competing pages among others. 

Other software tools like keyword burner, nichebot, etc are also there making their presence felt on the keyword research space. A novice small business owner can easily use these tools with ease and can arrive at useful conclusion with regards to his website keywords or key phrases.

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