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You Don’t Have to Deliver the Moon

Date: 08/14/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Use to be you had to come up with some outstanding, maybe exotic job perks to attract and retain talented employees. However, today employees are not as interested in those types of perks anymore and are instead choosing to focus on the benefits that will improve their work/life balance.

According to a recent survey of 3,500 human resource and recruiting executives, companies that have recently revamped their employee benefit programs are choosing to offer improved health care, more vacation days and flexible work hours.

The survey indicated that of the companies that increased benefits in the last six months, 88 percent expanded health care coverage, 41 percent increased paid vacation days, 36 percent added flexible worktime or telecommuting and 69 percent added financial incentives such as stock vesting, increased pension plan contributions, raises, bonuses or relocation packages.

The survey sponsor, believes the change in gear is a result of the dot-com bubble bursting in the late 1990s and the attacks of Sept. 11. After those events, people reevaluated their focus and decided what truly was important in their lives was having a better balance between their professional and personal lives.

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