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Push or pull marketing?

Date: 08/18/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Marketing can be done in either or both ways – push marketing and pull marketing. Push marketing technique is older of the two. A small business owner following the strategy of push marketing will work harder with intermediaries to sell the products. On the other hand, pull marketing is all about pulling the customer to purchase. Push marketing believes that the product can be sold by the sales persons engaged with intermediaries like distributors. Push marketing doesn’t try to attract customers to buy the product. 

Pull marketing lays lesser emphasis on intermediary channels. For example, when an ad announces 25% off on a product, it is typically pull marketing. Push marketing is normally not visible. Typical example of push marketing will be to launch attractive promotional schemes for dealers, retailers, etc. Professional organizations lay more emphasis on pull than push marketing approach. Small organizations are seen to be intense followers of push marketing. In a generalized manner, it can be said that pull marketing is longer term approach compared to push marketing, and also needs more resources.

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