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Have you built emotions around your products?

Date: 08/22/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Succeeding in business is all about being emotionally stable. One may get shock reading this. After all we have been taught that a businessman can succeed only when he is able to rid of his emotions. 

Okay, I am not trying to turn the apple cart. My statement should be interpreted by the small business owners thus – try to build a ring of emotions about your products when it comes to your customers. Why does one need emotions? Well, all of us purchase products for some emotional benefits (I am not talking about industrial products). 

These emotional benefits may accrue in the form of status, prestige, convenience, love, and many other aspects of emotions. If you simply say, my pen writes better because its ink quality is better. A professional small business owner will in stead say this – your child will score better marks with this pen because it is of better quality. Same thing, stated otherwise to achieve better effect on the customers. This is called building emotions around your products.

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