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Consumer behavior on the net

Date: 08/23/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Many scientists and researchers are working almost on a 24/7 basis to understand the consumer behavior of the people making online purchases. While different studies have various outputs, none is able to build an exact behavioral model.

All the studies however, are converging on one output – more than 85% of the visitors buy the product within one year of their research. Secondly, majority of them will make the purchase only after having been sufficiently ‘chased’. Sufficient means following up anywhere between three and seven times. What lies in this finding for a small business owner? Here lies the importance of autoresponder. An autoresponder is nothing but a simple software that responds to emails in a pre=programmed way. It is a sort of answering machine on the net. An autoresponder will keep track of all the opt-ins and can keep on contacting the mail sender umpteen number of times with varying messages. Imagine a small business owner who has installed an autoresponder on his machine, and has devised a marketing campaign for three to six months. That small business owner can bank on the autoresponder to expect cash registers ringing over a period of time.

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