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Offline strategies for online success?

Date: 08/26/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Much ink has been used in print or writing on employing strategies for success on the net. Most, in fact almost all of these strategies have been devised from the point of view of online space. Take search engine optimization techniques or banner advertising or for that matter directory listing (like a classified in offline print). Then the guru’s go on to explain in almost incomprehensible manner the ways to achieve it with grandeur success. Half of the target population loses steam here itself.

Can a small business owner promote his online business through offline strategies? The answer is firm yes. You can not only promote traffic to your site, also generate reasonably good business on the net with the help of offline strategies. Giving web and email addresses in yellow pages or a print ad is very old now. But have you thought of offering some incentive to a customer visiting the site and making a purchase there? You may think of running ads in your local newspaper to achieve this easily. You score two points here – one, your cost of customer service goes down as the customer goes online, and two, your web presence is felt across the local area.

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