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How should advertising be scheduled?

Date: 08/29/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Small businessesalways run short on money as far as promotional activities like advertising is concerned. Therefore it becomes vital to use the last available penny to best results. There are many ways of deploying your advertising budget across the financial year – continuous, flighting, blowout and quarterly.

Continuous type means spending the ad budget on smaller ads throughout the year. Ad professionals almost always discard this strategy. Flighting type means hiking the budget in small steps each time the effectiveness measurement is taken. This strategy is effective for businesses with reasonably large ad budgets.

Blowout strategy means accumulating all of the ad dollars on single occasion for gaining maximum mileage out of the budget. This strategy is useful for seasonal products and small businesses with lower amount of ad budget. Quarterly budget advertising strategy calls for spreading ad budget on specific occasions throughout the year. Factors like budget size, type of products, media available (and cost of media), consumer behavior and competition affect the selection of appropriate ad strategy.

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