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Are you committed?

Date: 08/07/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Commitment to work is something far more rewarding than just being a hard worker. I have seen many people making good amount of money in addition to gaining respect among peers from a profession they love to be in. 

A professor friend of mine can be found in his cabin all the time reading or writing something related to management techniques and management science. I am really impressed with him and his life style. He may not be the best driver on earth, but believe me, his seminars are always sold within a day of announcement. No need to say, he makes more money from his seminars than his salary each month. 

What’s there to learn from this small piece for a small business owner? A great lesson lies here. Don’t try to be an expert on all things available on earth. Get to bottom most level of knowledge on the area of your interest. And be committed to that single most interesting thing on earth. Success can’t wait long to come near you.

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