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A Failure to Communicate

Date: 09/27/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Do your employee’s understand your business strategy? Are they engaged in their jobs? If they do and are, count yourself among the lucky. According to a survey by Right
Management Consultants, approximately two-thirds of employees do not know or understand their employer’s business strategy and are not engaged in their jobs.

What are the ramifications of this for employers? Employers with disengaged employees have to deal with diminished productivity, a rise in customer complaints, lower product quality and higher turnover. All things that could be avoided with a little communication.A failure to communicate was cited in the survey as the chief cause, especially when it came to business strategies. About 28% of the surveyed organizations limited communication of business strategies to leadership teams. Another 24% did not communicate their initiatives to employees, and 15% claimed they did not know where to begin.

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