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Is it grow or die?

Date: 09/05/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Growth in business is perceived to be the most sacrosanct aspect of business management. People star believing that what applies to the world of sharks, applies to the world of human beings too, and in equal measure.  One can’t be far from the truth. Never think that if you are not growing ‘fast enough’ you are destined to be doomed in the fastest possible time.

I have seen many small business owners (who have grown large in their whole life time) growing at a steady pace and still not looking tired from the rut of the life. They may not have become leaders in their respective domains, but have earned ‘enough’ money and fame. Yes, they ‘could’ have been larger than what they achieved. But then look at them – most of them are happy with their achievements and are seeing their children taking over business reigns after graduating from popular business schools. Who said, you need to be on a fast growth path all the time?

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