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E-Organizing For Busy Managers

Date: 09/07/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

E-organizing refers to the electronic tools you use to manage your everyday lives.  With the increasing demand for immediate responses, the need to better organize and use these electronic tools becomes a must. has produced a great white paper called, “E-organizing for Busy Project Managers”.  The paper provides tips and insights into:

• Managing e-mail
• Handling electronic interruptions (phones, pagers, PDAs)
• Creating an interruption-free zone
• Organizing your electronic files
• Utilizing your calendar
• Implementing electronic task lists
• Setting expectations with your team
• Other e-organizing tips

The paper does a great job of explaining how you can guard against interruptions that prohibit you from completing your real project work.  To read the paper, click here.

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