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New Small Business Information Website

Date: 01/12/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Thre’s a website called worth checking out.  This online resource was developed by a network of small business owners throughout the U.S. after many of the members felt their experiences forming, managing, and living the life of a small business owner should have a home on the internet.

The website provides research and resources specifically geared to small business owners.  There are several notable sections to explore including:

  • Pick of the week – there are many products and services geared to small businesses out there, some are great, some are just OK, and some you must avoid. In addition, there is a risk factor involved in getting started in cost or time involved. Each week they pick the best of the best, and offer it in promotional form targetted to small business.
  • Fixed Sections – Sections throughout the website offer tailored content related to Tax, Planning, Finance, Insurance, and more.
  • Special Resources – In addition to the Fixed Sections, they work together to provide information that doesn’t necessarily fit into one of the main categories, but is just as important.