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Common Branding Mistakes

Date: 01/15/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Creating a brand name either for your company’s products or services takes time and energy, but it is well worth the investment.  Consumers often feel more comfortable in purchasing products and/or services that have a brand name.  And, that loyalty often continues barring some type of dramatic event to change that perception.
Here are three common branding mistakes that many businesses make that could be avoided.

1.  Forgetting about the “soft issue” selling points

Often, we tend to almost exclusively focus on the hard issue selling points of quality, price and performance to the extent that we forget the softer selling points of our products or services.  Many times, such overlooked points such as great customer service and technical support can be those same items that set us apart from our competition.

2.  Focusing on the wrong attributes 

This is where your prior research is so important.  How often have you heard case studies where businesses made the mistake of selling a product on points they thought the customer should find important, instead of what the customer actually does find important.  Short answer is you need to really listen to what your customer is saying about your products or services.

3.  Failure to communicate brand strength

Sometimes, we tend to focus so much on the brand itself that we forget to talk about the brand’s particular strengths.  Be sure that you take advantage of your marketing materials to paint a more detailed picture of not only the brand’s name, but its strengths as well.