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Save time and money doing company minutes for multiple companies

Date: 11/12/2007 | Category: Incorporation | Author: developers

If you own multiple corporations you know what a hassle it is to do the regular meetings of shareholders and directors. Even if you are the only person holding all functions (shareholder, director, president, treasurer and secretary) you still have to do company meetings. Every year you must hold annual shareholder meeting and annual directors meeting for each corporation you own. I know many real estate investors who put each real estate under different corporation. Can you imagine the amount of work to do company minutes for multiple companies?

  • Lawyers will charge a fortune to do that.
  • You can use free forms, but it will still take you quite a time to do minutes for each corporation.
  • You can use a full service and let someone do it.
  • Or you can do it yourself using our SELF SERVE and simple system.

How the self service works?

You pay $20 annual fee and we give you tool which will create annual minutes for each of your company. You will fill out simple form with information like place and date of the meeting, names of the directors, etc. Corporate minutes will be automatically generated in HTML and PDF format. You can print them and they will be also saved on your account.

You can order full service where we prepare company minutes or you can do it yourself by login to your account (every customer of has one).