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How to increase sales of profitable accessories in your e-commerce business

Date: 11/20/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

I started my own e-commerce business selling beach cruiser bicycles online. Selling bicycles is very competitive business. There is not big profit margin. On the other hand there is big profit margin on selling accessories. So while I didn’t make much money on bicycles I was still making good profit on selling baskets.

First I had few products. Few bicycles and just one accessory (basket). Later I added more models and suddenly I had over 30 bicycles listed. The sales increased, but people stopped buying baskets. Because there were more products they couldn’t see baskets for sale so clearly as before. Sales of my most profitable item dropped dramatically.

It is good to have big selection of products, but the drawback is that important items might become overlooked by customers.

What is the solution?

Start using RELATED PRODUCTS on your shopping cart. For example if you use osCommerce you can install free contribution for related products (Other products you might like).