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How to Save Money on Office Equipment

Date: 02/13/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

While most of us would like to open an office with brand-new, shiny office equipment, the reality is that the money is usually not in the budget.  That’s why its not unusual to purchase certain office equipment used.  Yes, I said used.  Nothing wrong with that.  Buying used can save you money and there are several places you can look to find good deals such as:

Auctions – Bankruptcy auctions often can  provide you with a great selection of high-quality, almost-new equipment for much less.  The Internet is another great resource for finding auctioned goods.

Liquidators – usually offer a wide selection of items and equipment from large corporate offices that have gone bankrupt.  Good place to start if you are looking for several pieces of matching furniture.

Second Hand Stores – are generally more pricey than a liquidator or auction site, but can be good places to find a distinctive chair for the reception area or trendy office furniture for an executive’s office.