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Good time to buy a real estate

Date: 03/16/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

I know you might think that I am crazy writing that it is a good time to buy a real estate. I know that newspapers and TV are full of negative news about mortgage companies going out of business, high rates and collapsing real estate market.

The reason why I like the current situation is that I can finally find VERY motivated sellers. To make a good deal you have to get a good price. Good price and terms are easily obtained from motivated sellers. I can finally see that if I offer below list price that the seller doesn’t get offended anymore. I remember writing offer two years ago where I wrote $10,000 above the list price and seller got offended that I offered so little above the listing price.

Times are very different now and I honestly like it. It is a good time to get a real value in your real estate purchase. I am not writing this as a broker who tries to hype everybody into buying. No, this is just my personal opinion, because I have myself two transactions in escrow at this moment.