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How to name your company and register DBAs

Date: 03/07/2007 | Category: Incorporation | Author: developers

Another question I received:

Should the umbrella company have my personal name in it (Ex. ‘Myname Enterprises’) or should that be avoided? Does it matter at all? I have heard differing opinions.

I personally don’t see any problem naming a company using personal name. Especially when you plan doing more activities under one umbrella company you want to make sure that the name is general enough. Can you imagine you choose name Wine Sales, Inc. for selling wine and later you decide to run real estate company? On the other hand general name will give you option to run any business you want without the need to change company name.

There is another argument. Changing company name is always expensive and time consuming. Registering another DBA is on the other hand very simple and inexpensive.

DBA (doing business as) means doing business under different name then is name of your corporation. It is registered on COUNTY level in place where you do business. For example we can help you register DBA in Las Vegas (Clark County). We don’t offer DBA service in every place but ask us and we might help you. Recently we did DBA for customer in Texas.