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An electronic spin on the hiring process

Date: 04/12/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Do you shutter at the idea of advertising for an open position in your company simply because you know you will be inundated with hundreds if not thousands of resumes?  Most smaller businesses do not have a large (if any) human resource department that can take the time to sift through all the potential candidates.  So what can you do?

One possible solution is a new electronic service offered by VIP Innovations and geared to businesses with less than 350 employees.  Profiles Easy is an electronic online application system that streamlines the hiring process for small businesses.

Today, many potential applicants have automated their response to help wanted positions advertised on the internet. So in other words, they are sending out a generic resume and response that may not even fit your job posting.  Profiles Easy eliminates those people who send out resumes to every job they see by requiring more than just a simple click-and-send. An added plus is that it also  collects information in a format that is compliant with government requirements, and as those requirements inevitably change, so can the system quite easily.

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