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Small Business Time Management Resources

Date: 05/17/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Time management is always a must for a busy small business owner given the number of different hats most of us have to wear in any given day.  I for one am always interested in finding new ways to manage my time and business more effeciently.  With that in mind, I ran across three products that caught my interest:

Need help with your billing?  Check out  It’s an Internet-based time tracking system that can provide billing information to the second. The system includes a time clock, time sheet, expense tracking, address book and the ability to access it all via your cell phone or PDA.

Need to track employee hours and/or attendance?  The TimeClock Plus Small Business Edition,, lets you turn any PC into a time clock. Employees can sign in or out with the keyboard or mouse, and easily allocate hours and costs to specific jobs.

Need a computer-based “To-Do” List? is a computer-based to-do list that shows all the items you’re working on.  You can use TimeTiger to track against your Microsoft Office Project plan, and synchronize your plan with TimeTiger as it changes. You can also export time logs to QuickBooks (and other accounting systems) to easily bill your time.