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The Makings of a Good Manager

Date: 05/02/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Belgium-based training company Krauthammer International performed a survey in October 2006 regarding manager behavior perceived and actual. The survey reviewed 30 core management practices and the modes of behavior most employees look for in a manager. In most cases, managers appear to be failling short of employee expectations, and therefore the needs of the company.

Here are just three potential problems that some managers appear to be having:

  1. Lack of self discipline. In handling objections, only half have the habit of acknowledging an objection, using questions to frame an answer. The rest prefer to kick back with the facts.
  2. Ethical concerns. 17% of managers only consider results in forming a judgement about success – regardless of illegal or unethical conduct in achieving that success.
  3. Finding the right words. Explaining announcements and upcoming changes are not a strong point of managers. Approximately half of managers tend to take the time to get the true commitment and understanding of their employees.

According to the survey, here are the top behaviors employees want to see from their managers:

  • Ability to analyze problem or task together  – 95%
  • Admit mistakes spontaneously – 94%
  • Use 360 degree feedback to assess my talents – 91%
  • Involve me in defining my development objectives – 90%
  • Praise my good results and efforts, close the gaps –  90%