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Having a Plan for the Unplanned

Date: 05/25/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

As a small business owner, one of my greatest fears is getting sick beyond one of those one-day bugs the kids bring home from school.  I’m a one-woman show so if I’m down, projects aren’t completed, deadlines could be missed and clients could go elsewhere if I was down for any length of time.  That could definitely impact the health of my business.

Small business owners don’t typically have the luxury of “calling in sick” or taking time off in the event of a major illness or accident without their business feeling the effects.  While there are some insurance options which can come into play if you are out for more than a few days or experience and major life event, what can you do for those shorter periods of time?

The answer sounds simple, but many of us fail to have one, and that is a back up plan. Having a plan as to what will happen business-wise if you are down for more than a few days can definitely alleviate the stress.  If you have an assistant or other employees, figure out how you can utilize their talents and what responsibilities they could handle.  Tied to that idea is getting in the habit of making lists.

At the end of each day, create a list of what needs to be done for the next day.  That way if you do find yourself out sick, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done and can either reassign that responsibility or see about getting it moved off another day until you are back on your feet.