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Faxing Options for Business

Date: 05/29/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Many businesses utilize the fax machine.  Unfortunately, if you’ve used one before you know they come with their own host of problems including paper jams, additional line expenses, etc.  That’s why more and more people have turned to the Web for electronic faxing alternatives.  With the use of a scanner and a computer, you can easily send your faxes over the Internet at a relatively low cost (average $10 month).

There are numerous efax services out there and prices and options can vary greatly so you need to have good handle on just how much faxing you do in a month.  A good reference site to check out is a site by Kevin Savetz which explains many of the different services out there and also offers user ratings for each. 

 There is also an internet fax comparison chart which can help you find the best deal out there for you.  Check it out by clicking here.