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Better Work Life Balance

Date: 05/04/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

A healthy work-life balance is an important goal for many individuals in the working world. For small business owners, 96% believe that is important to them. That’s according to a new MasterCard Worldwide survey which also found that more than half of small business owners believe that being a small business owner enables greater work-life balance compared to other workers. It must be true because an amazing 83% say that they rarely or never miss important personal events due to work.

Top factors which contributed to small business owners being able to achieve that work-life balanced included their ability to make enough money to meet or exceed business and personal needs (30%) and having flexible working hours (28%).

When asked what work-related factors best help them to achieve work-life balance, better organizing business and personal priorities (29%); and hiring and retaining competent employees that could assume some responsibilities (21%) were among the top factors cited.