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Should You Have a Website?

Date: 06/11/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Many small business owners still struggle with the idea of having a website.  They may believe that if they do not do business over the Internet, what’s the point?  The point is even if your business is not web-based, you are still missing out on an opportunity to reach potential customers. 

Did you know that Americans, on average, spend over 80 hours on the Internet every month?  Not only, do the majority turn to the web for more information, but those that do represent a broad base of potential customers that you could tap in to.

A website allows you to:

  1. Advertise your business cheaply.  In most cases, maintaining a website monthly costs less than a yellow page ad or local advertisement.  Plus, if you add services or discontinue products during the year, you can easily update your website.  You won’t be able to update your yellow page advertisement until its up for renewal.
  2. Potentially increase your business volume.  Customers who can’t make it in during your normal business hours could order products and/or services via your website during non-traditional hours.
  3. Keep up with your competitors.  Chances are your competitors have websites and when customers go looking for information, they’ll find those competitors first and probably order from them first as well.