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Keeping Everyone Happy

Date: 06/25/2007 | Category: Business | Author: developers

It’s not unusual today to find that many employees answer to two bosses.  If not handled well, it can create a very stressful atmosphere for the employee.  After all, they have to deal with two different sets of expectations, two different personalities, and two different understandings of what qualifies as “urgent” or “priority”.

For the two bosses, it can also lead to problems if they aren’t in constant communication with each other in regards to what needs to be done and when.  Without that communication, the employee can slip through the cracks and the work can fall by the wayside.

To make things easier for all involved consider these tips:

  • Clarify expectations. A clear understanding of the bosses’ expectation is critical.  If they aren’t providing it, the employee should seek them out and ask them to do so. 
  • Ongoing, clear communication. Each manager needs to be aware of not only the employee’s workload and deadlines, but also of any areas that need development.
  • Cut them some slack.  If you have an experienced employee that assures you that the work will get done, but that they want the freedom to decide how that work with be done, then allow them that autonomy.  Micromanaging an employee to death only leads to frustration on all sides.